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Podcast Subscription

To subscribe to "Podcasts for Pacific EMPRINTS," you will first need to have a suitable application installed on your computer.

  Popular podcast software includes iTunes and Juice Receiver(formerly iPodder).

Please highlight the following address and copy it by right-clicking this link (Control-clicking in MacOS) and choosing "Copy."
Then paste the link into the podcast software you use. The podcast software will automatically download the latest podcast and will also download new podcasts in the future as they become available.
Start iTunes. In the menu, select "Advanced" and Choose "Subscribe to Podcast..." This will open the "Subscribe to Podcast" window. Paste the copied URL link into this box and click "OK."
 Juice Receiver:  
Start Juice. Click on the "+" button. This will open the "Add a Feed" window. Paste the copied URL link into the URL box and click "Save."