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National Disaster Life Support (NDLS) Training

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About the National DIsaster Life Support Courses

The National Disaster Life Support Foundation, Inc. (NDLSF) oversees the National Disaster Life Support (NDLS) courses, a series of education programs to better prepare health care professionals and emergency response personnel for mass casualty events. The NDLS courses are comprehensive, all-hazards, competency-based, standardized, and multi-disciplinary. These courses assist health professionals respond to mass casualty events regardless the cause.

The NDLS courses were developed by four academic centers Georgia Health Sciences University, University of Georgia, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, and Texas A&M School of Public Health. The NDLSF provides administration and oversight of the NDLS courses, offered at more than eighty NDLS training centers nationwide with over 2000 certified instructors. The NDLSF is a non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)3 organization located at the Georgia Health Sciences University.

Pacific EMPRINTS is approved as a National Disaster Life Support Regional Center-Pacific under the National Life Support Foundation (NDLSF) and is the only organization in Hawaii offering these courses.

Launch of the NEWLY REVISED NDLS Courses V. 3.0

The NDLS courses stress a comprehensive all-hazards approach to help physicians and other health professionals deal with catastrophic emergencies from terrorist acts as well as from explosions, fires, natural disasters (such as hurricanes and floods), and infectious diseases.

In large-scale mass casualty events, physicians and other healthcare workers must be knowledgeable of the need for efficient coordination among local, state, and federal emergency response efforts; how to protect themselves and others from further harm; how to communicate effectively with other emergency personnel and the media; and how to address the unique psychological impacts and related social chaos that may ensue. By completing these courses, clinicians will better understand their integrated roles in the broader disaster response system.
Pacific EMPRINTS and its associated NDLS Faculty are able to offer the following two courses in Hawaii and other locations in the Pacific region. The first course, Basic Disaster Life Support course which lays out the conceptual framework for the second course, Advanced Disaster Life Support, which uses hands-on exercises and scenarios to train participants. The ADLS Instructor Course is available for those who are interested in becoming a NDLS instructor. The following pages contain flyers with details regarding each of the NDLS courses listed below.
Live training event with volunteer victims