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Live Training Events

Live training events provide an unparalleled opportunity for disaster management agencies to work and communicate together in response and recovery using mock emergency scenarios. Live training events are crucial for identifying strengths and weaknesses within and among agency response personnel and agency protocols. Past scenarios have addressed chemical (nerve agents), radiological and bioterrorism threats.
One such live training event was conducted on May 4th, 2006 at the Waipio Soccer Complex in Honolulu, HI, and involved over 150 personnel from Emergency Medical Services, the Mobile Vaccination Team, the Honolulu Fire Department, the HAZMAT Team, and the Honolulu Police Department. They responded to a mock dirty bomb explosion on a large tourist bus carrying passengers outside of a 4,000 person capacity soccer stadium. Actors were used to represent victims and other bystanders.
In live training events, each agency responds using its established protocols as if it were a real event, and the true nature of the event unfolds in real-time. Events are run from the initial report of the incident to securing the site and removing any potential follow-on disasters, such as secondary explosives, to triaging all victims and evacuating the patients to hospitals.

These live training events run between 3-4 hours and allow different agencies to work together in response to mock emergency scenarios that could be real situations at any time in their actual work environments. The scenarios are general enough that they can be duplicated on other islands and in other states by comparable agencies for those areas. The Pacific EMPRINTS live training events can involve all the disciplines in the health professions, and each event includes a different CBRNE scenario.
Live training event with volunteer victims
Live training event with volunteer victims