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Lara Payne

Lara Payne, Senior GIS Analyst-GISP, Pacific Disaster Center
Oahu, Hawaii

Ala Moana Hotel Hibiscus Ballroom
Exhibit Booth Area
8:00 am – 8:45 am

Pre-Conference Demonstration of BioSurveillance Information Service (BioServ)

Pacific Disaster Center (PDC), the U.S. Army Public Health Command (USAPHC), and the U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit 2 (NAMRU2) have teamed to pilot a GIS-based BioSurveillance Information Service, BioServ, that will integrate authoritative data related to disease incidents and health warnings into PDC’s DisasterAWARE decision support platform, linking animal and vector data with human health. This pilot project will focus on automating the data and integrating them with other information resources in DisasterAWARE, allowing operators to quickly identify health concerns within their areas of responsibility. Versions of DisasterAWARE—RAPIDS within the Department of Defense (DoD) and EMOPS for authorized civilian agencies—are already widely used to monitor geological and meteorological hazards, including tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and volcanoes. The integration of the BioServ Information adds another resource to the already robust DisasterAWARE decision support platform.

Ms. Payne has been working in the GIS field since 1998, the bulk of her experience is in the US, Asia and South Pacific. Currently, as a Senior Geospatial Information Analyst for Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) Ms. Payne’s primary duties are to work with civil and federal authorities in Hawaii and in the Pacific to provide geospatial products and analysis that complete their mission of disaster preparedness, hazard mitigation, humanitarian assistance and disaster response. Ms. Payne provides PDC product and map viewer support, data management, training, hard and soft copy map products. She is also well versed in GIS data; collection, creation, processing, analysis and conversion. Her professional experience has been recognized by certification (GISP Cert. #00060847) from the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI).